Today I give up writing

No more Upwork for me.

Photo by Yogendra Singh on Unsplash

I’m writing this because I need to get it off my chest.

Today I won't say anything smart or insightful, nor I will win an award with this writing. But, since there’s no point in yelling at my laptop, I’m going to write this cry to let out this frustration.

Like many of our fellow writers here on Medium, I am looking for a way to earn money writing. For me, it has always been clear that Medium does not offer guarantees to make money.

For me, the sole purpose of writing here is to create a portfolio that will allow me to get a paid gig on other platforms, like Upwork.

Although I have been writing for a couple of years now, many times as a ghostwriter for my marketing clients or as a guest on other blogs, I could not transform this experience into a constant income.

Today I mark three months of sending proposals through Upwork. Today, after 23 interviews I have received another, no thanks.

The system at Upwork is a combination of luck and patience. Two items of which I don’t have any at the moment.

This situation makes me feel like I am fresh out of college again. Although now, I have experience, which makes everything worse.

Potential clients prefer writers who already have reviews on the platform. They do not care that one already has previous experience somewhere else.

Like in any other social digital platform, what matters is what others say about you. No surprise here, but since nobody says anything about me, no one cares about my job proposals.

I have seen hundreds of videos on YouTube where they explain what the strategy should be to land that first job on the platform, but I’m out of luck.

Today I no longer have the patience to continue sending proposals. The competition on the platform is extreme. Without that magical initial review, it is tough to get work.

But don’t worry friends.

Today I am sorry for myself, but tomorrow will be another day.

Tomorrow I’ll get my ass up as always.

At dawn, I will have a good Colombian coffee and then go to the gym. After that, no depressing vibes will be in my system.

I will send another hundred proposals until one is successful. I will insist and I will get frustrated again, but there is no other alternative.

One falls to get up. One falls again and learns from that evil streak. It is life.

Today I want to confess that although I would love to give up, I will not do it.

Today, the words of the great Spanish poet Antonio Machado (The poet of the people) come to mind, “Walker, there is no path. Create your path by walking”.

There is no ultimate point, a fixed goal, or a unique place to reach. What matters is each step, the effort, and the push to continue walking.

What matters is to advance on the path of life.



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Nestor Laverde

Self-proclaimed King of Pragmatism. I write to inspire people and small businesses, through marketing and heavy metal.